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Rose and Amelie

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Diana wrote on Sep 24, 2003:
Passed Over
This painting speaks volumes to me. Rose and Amelie represent to me all those woman in the world who have been "passed over" by Love. Even in the era which this was painted, woman must be physically attractive in order to be "rewarded" with a man, marriage and family. I believe "happily ever after" was never in the cards for Rose and Amelie. I see them as always being overweight most of their lives, not being given the opportunity to be courted, fall in love and have children. Yet, I see in their faces an inner beauty; kindness, warmth and a fun-loving spirit. The earth tones Munch chose to paint the setting for Rose and Amelie suggest to me that now they are middle-aged; in the autumn of their lives. Their smiles suggest they aren't at all saddened by their lives, but content in the enjoyment of each other's company. Rose and Amelie represent a society that places to much emphasis on physical beauty. So many good, loving people are overlooked because of this. Rose and Amelie are representatives of the beautiful woman within, with a lot of love and goodness to share if only someone would take the time to look beyond the physical. I am inspired by contentment and self-confidence both these woman exude.

Jayne Maybury wrote on Mar 3, 2003:
Two Fat Ladies
This painting reflects Oriental qualities. The rough lines and minimal detail are evident within the artwork, large bodies have been used to emphasize the two woman. It is easy to see that the artwork reflects woman in a male-dominated society. The background is very subtle, which helps to emphasize the two main figures. Overall, I believe it to be the artists impression of woman and their daily lives. The artwork is one which i would look at for a long time and think back to the good of days when woman were only housewives.

Tom Sheppard wrote on Apr 25, 2002:
I think that the feeling Munch is trying to portray is an overpowering by the two women who both look almost devil like, as before in young man and prostitute, the woman is enticing the young man, yet this time, you as the viewer are being enticed, but by two of them.

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Picture: Great Modern Masters: Edvard Munch.


Rose and Amelie, 1893
Oil on canvas
78 x 109 cm