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Horse Team

Horse Team, 1919
Oil on canvas
105.5 x 145.5 cm

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Kathy wrote on Dec 29, 2001:
The Conflict
It appears to me that the horses are trying to turn away and separate. However, they are yoked together which seems to say no matter how we may try, we cannot escape our dual nature, dark and light. I see this painting as one that speaks to the conflict of human nature. It's beautiful.

Angel wrote on Aug 11, 2001:
The Light and The Dark
I see the light of the white horse, and the darkness of the black horse... By the black horse being somewhat behind the white horse amplifies the black horse's shadowy purpose... The beauty of darkness and the beauty of light combined into one painting makes this one a masterpiece... This may just be my opinion, but the beauty of darkness is so much more alluring than the beauty that of the light... The beauty of the human condition known as desperation is always much more beautiful than happiness... Hence... despite the fact that the black horse is further back, acting as a shadow, it's beauty is what catches my eye, as oppose to the white horse's beauty that is way up front of the painting.

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Picture: Munch. John Boulton Smith.