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Self Portraits > Self Portrait with Cigarette

Self Portrait with Cigarette

Self Portrait with Cigarette, 1895
Oil on canvas
110.5 x 85.5 cm

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Sk Godfrey wrote on Oct 3, 2001:
Eyes and Hand
Although the blue smoke is used to heighten the expressive effect of the face and hand, it almost seems to be acting as a frame: from the wide, vacuous white collar and the traces of yellow on the right temple and forehead, down to the right sleeve. Streaks of red mark the taut, brazen hand. The purpose of this effect, I presume, is to draw focus into the precision of the face (penetrating gaze) and hand (firm yet nervous). The never-ending depth of the background contrasts with, and seems just as important to, the contrasting focus of the foreground. This providing a distinct immediacy to the eyes and the hand with cigarette. I've looked into the painting for a long while, especially into Munch's eyes; his stance and stare seem to be resisting my examination.

Tim Cameron wrote on Apr 19, 2001:
Man with no convictions
I think this picture is of Edvard Munch contemplating what his next painting is going to be about. Oddly enough while he is thinking of a painting he paints himself thinking of a painting and there in lies the problem. His dilemma is now solved until he gets another great urge to create yet another masterpiece.

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Picture: Edvard Munch: The Frieze of Life.