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Self Portraits > Self Portrait in front of Blue Sky

Self Portraits in front of Blue Sky

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Wayne wrote on Mar 26, 2002:
Free Thinkers
Clowns are frightening, they invoke a certain fear in many children, while others love them. The children that are afraid of clowns are the smart ones, the ones that think for themselves.

Laura wrote on Mar 20, 2002:
I think that the swirling of the sky is a good representation of all his thoughts. He makes out that it is a normal life, but deep down he's hurting. His facial expression tells all that he is saddened by Tulla. I see in the portrait a lot more than is just there.

Nancy wrote on Feb 28, 2002:

I think that he is showing contempt in his life, but it also reminds me of loneliness, he doesn't seem happy, just there as if he were taken from a different background and placed in this one. I don't think that he belongs in this picture, kind of like life: every now and then everyone doesn't feel like they belong, I think he is showing that in this painting.

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Picture: Munch und Warnemünde 1907-1908.


Self Portrait in front of Blue Sky, 1908
Oil on canvas
59.5 x 80 cm