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Self Portrait

Self Portrait, 1881-2
Oil on canvas
25.5 x 18.5 cm

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Amy wrote on Nov 16, 2001:
I couldn't agree more...
Before my school gave me this Art assignment, I thought that the only painting Munch ever did, was 'The Scream'!!! How wrong I was! I have never been so fascinated by so much... His paintings are all so well done, none of them going below the standards of 'The Scream'. I am so glad that he has been known for other works now, and I'm glad I found out.. He is my favorite Artist in the WORLD!

Chris Bond wrote on May 15, 2001:
Munch's Self-Expressionism
I am a student at Buckeye Central High School and when I was assigned to do a report on Munch, I groaned. I thought it would be boring. Little did I know, Munch would be one of my personal favorite artists.

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