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Other Artists > Allen Mullen: The Scream (ASCII Art)

The Scream (ASCII Art)
Allen Mullen

"The Scream"

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Nicholas Ørum wrote on Jun 7, 2001:
A little alien to the real "scream"
It's designed in great detail, but it lacks the nuances which Edvard uses to make the screamer in his piece look much more insignificant and blurry than the ASCII version. - A version with to much contrast. This is partially excused/explained by the fact that it's very hard making soft edges to anything when you work with ASCII art. Which is literally just a bunch of letters and numbers. But all things considered it's a very nice piece of art.

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This picture was created by Allen Mullen.
More of his ASCII Art can be found at his site:
ASCII Pictures by Allen Mullen