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Separation II (lithograph)

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[somebody] wrote on Jan 28, 2002:
Young love
I am an art-teacher and never has any other painting meant so much for me as this. I have seen it twice in Oslo ( I don't live in Norway). It remains me of time about thirty years ago and my first love. I wish I could always remember that very young persons have strong emotions and feelings, too.

Joseph wrote on Nov 26, 2001:
A Dead Heart In A Dead World
This is such a beautiful painting. The figure holding his heart is the personification of lost love while the ghostly silhouette of a woman is but an icon of ones haunted past and memories. I think Munch painted this sad image to embody the concept of heartbreak and to present a mirror image to those who have had experienced the trials, the dramas, the misfortunes and burdens of love and romance. I believe that when separation occurs, we hold our hearts in sadness not because we are overcome by grief and regret, but because our hearts seem dead to the world and likewise the world dead to us.

Shayna wrote on Aug 1, 2001:
To loose and ability such as to feel, see, hear, love, lust, or even cry all in one... will put you one step above humanity and that way you suffer no more.

Diana wrote on May 8, 2001:

This painting shows exactly what I felt (and still feel). I was the one who had to go, but I felt like the guy holding his heart... And in my life I had like an angel above and the light that he still gives to my life is so beautiful, yet painful, for being apart.. It's amazing how one can relate so much with a painting. This is the perfect painting for the separated lovers.

Glynis wrote on April 5, 2001:
The Witch
As the "witch" walks away the lover feels his heart bleeding with longing and hurt, there is nothing inside him besides a terrible void. He remembers and feels the departure of the beloved goddess. And she, well, she has a light of her own, a light which he longs for, but which makes his heart bleed - all in you, you in all -leaving a smooth and yet magical fragrance in the air, she walks away leaving behind - passing vapour trails - facing the separation he can not help but to bleed. Feeling as if some part of himself is being torn apart, he anxiously grabs his chest with all his strength, eluding himself as if somehow it would hurt less. But no, even if they were miles away from each other, his heart would still bleed for hers and the magical powder that she spreads around herself would still be there.

Andrei wrote on Mar 12, 2001:
Broken Heart
When she left me it seemed like we were still bound to each other by thin hair strings, it felt like the hair ripped an open wound in my heart. I will always love her...

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Picture: Edvard Munch: The Frieze of Life.


Separation, 1900
Oil on canvas
125.5 x 190.5 cm