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Love Paintings > Eye in Eye

Eye in Eye

Eye in Eye, 1894
Oil on canvas
136 x 110 cm

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Derek wrote on Nov 4, 2003:
I can relate
I feel exactly the same as Elizabeth, as far as what the lovers expressions represent, but as far as the tree, I see it as more of an obstacle that needs to be overcome. I see it as the only thing standing between the two lovers and complete happiness. To me, they are just waiting for something to come along and fell the tree.

Elizabeth wrote on Feb 28, 2001:

I love this painting because it shows so much in such a simple setting. The two figures are drawn to each other, yet they are separated by the trunk of the tree, a symbol of their distance emotionally and physically. He is so attracted to her and holds her in such bright light while he himself is faded by comparison. The lack of mouths by either figure is a perfect example of how they are communicating with neither words or sounds, but only by the expressions and the silence in their eyes. It shows the want of a lover and the reaching to another that we all feel at one point in our lives. The perpetual hope that the other person will reflect our sentiments and return our feelings as strong as we radiate them.

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Picture: Edvard Munch: The Frieze of Life.