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Love Paintings > Ashes


Ashes, 1894
Oil on canvas
120.5 x 141 cm

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Anonymous wrote on Nov 11, 2003:
Lost and in love
Two people are in love, yet they cannot be. It is obvious their misery is inside their emotions for each other. Their love is their gift, yet it is also their curse, for they are not supposed to be together. Which explains the location, a forest, and the time, late at night. Away from anyone who could discover them. Yet, the pain of knowing that everything will soon end drags them down to the ashes of their love. It is over.

Sydnei Wylder wrote on Mar 30, 2002:
Love is many things. Passion, touch, vigor and vitality. But it is also in the heart. It originates in there. Once you forget that, much goes to waste. So, you can try seducing, you can try living plushly, but sometimes, things go wrong, and there is frustration, and love...leaves. Enter in darkness and there is separation, miscommunication. And things can no longer be solved with a gentle kiss or a seduction.

Christie wrote on Aug 15, 2001:
Many Thoughts
I see a lot in this picture. It could mean many things. It appears that the woman is trying to seduce him or has succeed in seducing him. However, she does not look happy, and he obviously does not either. He is hiding... the overwhelming emotion I get from this painting is guilt.

Liam Freeman wrote on Mar 4, 2001:
The perfect visual personification of the helplessness one feels when at the mercy of love.

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Picture: Edvard Munch: The Frieze of Life.