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Landscapes > Starry Night

Starry Night

Starry Night, 1893
Oil on canvas
135 x 140 cm

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Tori Lynne wrote on Nov 3, 2003:
Looking at this picture gives me the inspiration to continue my artwork in hopes that I may someday become a well known artist. To capture detail in my work just as Edvard Munch has done here. Looking at the night sky gives me ideas for both the stories I long to write and the pictures I love so much.

Sara wrote on Mar 23, 2002:
This is one of the most beautiful and scariest pieces I have ever seen. It captures a moment and place in time when all our problems disappear, but what scares me is that it makes it seem that this is the only place that it will happen in and you will spend your whole life searching for it and may never find it.

Christine wrote on Sep 29, 2001:
Muse for Writers
I visited the Getty Museum a few weeks ago and was thoroughly enjoying myself as I wandered through the exhibits. The night before, I had revised my latest story and titled it "Starry Night". At the museum, I happened to bump into the section of "Contemporary Art" and saw the painting. I was immediately entranced and stood there for at least 5 minutes, unmoving and in total awe. Finally, I was able to tear myself away from the painting and step back to allow others to pass. A quick glance at the title made my heart skip a beat: Starry Night. I thought I was going to pass out. I don't know what exactly happened next, but I know I didn't visit any other part of the museum that day. This painting utterly encompasses the theme of my story and just thinking about it still sends shivers up my back.

Rachel wrote on Apr 1, 2001:

Could it be that everyone has a place like this deep inside of them? That maybe he wasn't really painting a starlit sky, but rather the human spirit? One can almost hear the soft yellow that illuminates the tranquil blue sky as it whispers a thousand love stories without making a sound, and one can feel the tears pouring as the dark, awkward land mass weeps over the memory of a brighter day.

[somebody] wrote on Feb 24, 2001:
Impressive Melancholy
The painting is a poem which doesn't need the help of any words. It describes a single moment and tells a wonderful, sad and touching story. Maybe about the couple beneath the wall? It could be about transient love. You can loose yourself in this masterpiece while you are looking at it and let your thoughts fly. Don't you feel the sadness and beauty of it at once?

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Picture: Postcard from the Getty Center