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Landscape > The Mystery of a Summer Night

The Mystery of a Summer Night

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Jordan wrote on Feb 17, 2002:
Mystery on the shore
Following up on the last comment: it was mentioned that the sun draws the eyes to the bottom of the painting, and that the bottom is a mystery. A face is noticeable in a rock on the right, perhaps the mystery could be a lost love, buried in the sand of the beach, between that face and the protrusion on the other end of the beach? Maybe some sort of longing that is felt and unable to be fulfilled?

Jamie Lynn wrote on Jul 2, 2001:

It's as though the water grabs out to the land while whispering untold secrets. This is where Munch draws in the mystery. The mounds and rocks bring it all together holding on to an untold story which is why the sun is drawing your eyes closer to the bottom of the painting. The bottom of the mystery.

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Picture: Great Modern Masters: Edvard Munch.


The Mystery of a Summer Night, 1892
Oil on canvas
86.5 x 124.5 cm