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Landscapes > The Dance on the Shore

The Dance on the Shore

The Dance on the Shore, 1900-2
Oil on canvas
95.5 x 98.5 cm

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Jochen Kahns wrote on Mar 2, 2002:
An Epic Masterpiece
Notice the fluid, almost dreamy patterns he weaves with the paint and brush. Each background and object has it's own perfect color value, with subtle color variations that emulate reflections of light, or shadows. The peach colored sun, and sky allowing the shoreline to bask in it's bright yellow/ white glow.

Brian wrote on Jan 9, 2002:
What Others See
This is a beautiful painting... The two girls are dancing. The others are dressed in red. Now we know form Munch's other paintings that red usually isn't a sign of a good person. But the people in red see these two girls in white (sometimes in Munch's paintings people think it's virginity) and yellow which I have no clue what yellow could be, and they're dancing while the others seem miserable. But they don't care at all. The ones in red are having a bad day near those trees when the two girls are dancing no matter what PEOPLE THINK! (Please e-mail me if you disagree or want to comment.)

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Picture: Munch. John Boulton Smith.