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The Sick Child

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Miriam wrote on Oct 27, 2001:
We All Die Alone
This picture shows the whole absurdity and cruelty of life. There is so much light and breeze coming through the window, filtering through and swelling the curtains, filling the entire room. The light, the breeze and the flowers all symbolize life. The spring itself is one of the most important symbols of life. Against this background of light and strength, the girl seems frail, weak and helpless. She is not looking at the window, she seems already resigned to her fate. The girl is dying although everything outside is coming to life. We will all die like this one day in a world throbbing with life. We won't be able to scream anymore and the nature will follow its course as if we never existed. Does life really have any meaning at all or is it just a cruel farce?

Mike Bishop wrote on Jul 20, 2001:

This is my favourite of all Munch's works. It has a great atmosphere of light, airiness, calm and peace, which gives the feeling that the imminent death of the girl, should be seen as the start of a journey to a better place.

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Picture: Great Modern Masters: Edvard Munch.


Spring, 1889
Oil on canvas
169 x 263.5 cm