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Death Paintings > The Sick Child

The Sick Child

The Sick Child, 1896
Oil on canvas
121.5 x 118.5 cm

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Katie wrote on Feb 5, 2002:
I was forced to do a report on Munch, but this painting spoke to me. It is amazing that one person could feel as much pain as he did throughout his life. Death, illness, affairs... He went through so much and you can see that in this and all of his work.

Glynis wrote on Mar 24, 2001:

Like Munch once said: "illness, insanity and death were the black angels that kept watch over my cradle, accompanied me all my life." And this painting is a great display of that as Munch paints his sick sister with a fatal disease (tuberculosis) he perfectly captures her inner suffering and once more establishes a paradox between her deep suffering and her patient awaiting of the final moment the arrival of the black feathered angel who will take her tormented soul into a quiet an calm place and finally give the peace she longs for in the painting, when looking towards the infinite horizon

Rose wrote on Jan 29, 2001:

This work gave me goose-bumps. I thought of the intensity of watching someone you love, who hasn't had enough time, weaken and fade away. The [wo]man in this picture is in such despair.

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Picture: Edvard Munch: The Frieze of Life.