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Death Paintings > Night in Saint Cloud

Night in Saint Cloud

Night in Saint Cloud, 1890
Oil on canvas
64.5 x 54 cm


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Morley Prendergast wrote on Jan 23, 2001:
I really liked this piece by Munch.
I believe this is a great representation of just how lonely people can be after a death. I just love Munch's style of work and look towards him for inspiration.

Betsy Trabue wrote on Mar 2, 2001:
This is such a beautiful painting.
This is just the epitome of the stillness that many people undertake after a loved one passes away. The night even seems to stand still, as if time freezes, and just leaves us all to ponder our own thoughts. I'm sure that Munch was speaking to us all from personal experience.

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Picture: Munch. John Boulton Smith.