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Death Paintings > The Drunken Boy

The Drunken Boy

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Alice wrote on Aug 13, 2001:

Wow. I think this drawing draws us the picture of death in a different, somewhat surreal way. I think the couple is heading home from a funeral, and their minds are somewhat distracted from this drunken boy that passes near them. For me, the painting represents one of those moments in life when something unusual distracts your way of mind, and makes you look at your reflection in the mirror naked, from the other side.

Dale Standley wrote on May 31, 2001:
I find this painting to be quite interesting. The name of the painting is "The Drunken Boy", yet the artist's emphasis lies on the two men on the side walk. My attention was drawn, even more, to them by the total contrast of their suits. The horse in the foreground is almost ghostlike as is the head of, I think a bulldog, on the right of the painting. I think this has now become my favorite Munch painting!

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Picture: Munch und Warnemünde 1907-1908.


The Drunken Boy, 1908
Oil on canvas
85.5 x 130.5 cm