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Death Paintings > The Dead Mother and Child

The Dead Mother and Child

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Anonymous wrote on Sep 22, 2001:

This ghastly painting seeps under my skin. The dead mother transparently lies on the bed while her young daughter, probably just entering sexual maturity as suggested by her blood red dress, stands beside in apparent disbelief. With no mother left to guide her, she will confront the world of adulthood alone. Mourners nearby pay no attention to her anxiety as they pay their respects to the dead.

Dat wrote on Sep 2, 2001:

The adults busy themselves to deal with the sickness/death, leaving the child to herself. How is she to deal with her mother's death? Frustration? Fear? Sadness? She puts her hands to her face to weep or to her ears to keep out the new that her mother is dead. The death is dealt with on an individual basis as the child is separated from the others.

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Picture: Edvard Munch: The Frieze of Life.


The Dead Mother and Child, 1897-9
Oil on canvas
105 x 178.5 cm