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Biography of Edvard Munch

1863 Birth of Edvard Munch, December 12, Loten, Norway. Son of military doctor, Christian Munch and wife, Cathrine.  
1868 Munch's mother dies of tuberculosis at the age of 30. Her sister, Karen Bjolstad, takes over household.
1877 Sister, Sophie, dies of tuberculosis at age of 15.
1879 Edvard enters Technical College to become an engineer. Frequent illnesses interrupt his studies.
1880 Leaves College to become a painter.
1881 Enrolls at the Royal School of Art and Design. Paints his first self portrait. Sculptor Julius Middelthun teacher of Munch.
1882 Exhibits at the Industries and Art Exhibition.
1885 Works on The Sick Child. The Sick Child
1886 Munch is identified with a controversial group called "Christiania's Bohemia", named after a novel of that name by Hans Jaeger, anarchist and a leader of the group.
1889 Edvard organizes a retrospective exhibition of 110 works at the Student Organization in Christiania. He attends Bonnat School of Art in Paris. Father dies.
1890 Returns to Norway.
1891 Rents a studio in Paris. Summer in Norway. Munch's health deteriorates through excessive drinking. Travels to Copenhagen, Nice, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Basle and Geneva.
1892 Edvard is invited by the Union of Berlin Artists, to exhibit at its November exhibition. Munch's paintings become the object of bitter controversy; after one week the exhibition is closed. Munch's paintings are shown at exhibitions in Düsseldorf, Copenhagen, Breslau, Dresden and Munich. Munch Exhibition 1892
1893 Takes up residence in Berlin. Meets and paints August Strindberg. Joins international circle of writers, artists and critics, including Ola Hannson, Richard Dehmal, Holger Drachmann and Gunnar Heiberg.
1894 Produces first etchings and lithographs. Receives commissions for illustrations for the periodical Pan.
1895 The press urge a boycott of Munch's exhibition at Blomquist's gallery in Christiania, Norway. The National Gallery of Oslo buys Self Portrait with Cigarette.

Self Portrait with Cigarette


1896 Moves to Paris. A full-page reproduction of Madonna appears in the periodical L'Aube. Prints color lithographs and first woodcuts. His mental and physical health deteriorates.
1897 Buys a house at Asgardstrand, where he will spend most of his summers until 1906.
1898 Travels to Copenhagen, Berlin and Paris. Illustrates Strindberg's texts in the periodical Quickborn.
1899 Travels to Berlin, Paris, and Florence, Rome. Suffers from influenza, bronchitis and exhaustion.
1902 Exhibits the "Frieze of Life" at the Berlin Secession. During an argument Munch is wound by a gunshot and loses two finger joints in his left hand. Gustav Schiefler begins to catalog his graphic works.
1903 Meets Eva Mudocci, an English violinist.  
1904 Sells 800 prints through Schiefler. Becomes a member of Berliner Secession. Munch now drinks heavily.  
1906 Attempts health cures at various spas near Weimar. Travels to Berlin, Weimar and Jena.  
1907 Settles in Berlin.  
1908 Edvard paints in Warnemünde, Rostock, Germany. Exhibits with the Brücke in Dresden. Complete nervous breakdown in autumn. Spends eight months at Dr. Jacobson's clinic. Munch painting on the beach of Warnemünde
1909 Composes prose poem, "Alpha and Omega" with lithograph illustrations. Returns to Norway where he rents a house at Skrubben near Kragero. Munch isolates himself from the art world.
1910 Participates in the Berlin Secession.
1911 Wins the Oslo University Aula competition.  
1913 Resigns from the Berlin Secession. Exhibits new versions of the "Frieze of Life" paintings at the Autumn Exhibition in Berlin with Picasso. Travels widely in Europe and visits New York.  
1915 Munch exhibits graphic works at the Panama-Pacific International exhibition in San Francisco.  
1916 Buys a house at Ekly, Norway, where he will live most of the rest of his life.  
1917 Curt Glaser's book "Edvard Munch" is published in Berlin.  
1920-2 Travels to Berlin, Paris, Wiesbaden and Frankfurt. Buys work from German artists to support them.  
1923 Edvard Munch becomes a member of the German Academy of Fine Art.  
1927 Exhibits over 223 works at his retrospective exhibitions at the National Galleries in Berlin and Oslo.  
1928 Designs murals for central hall, Oslo City Hall. Suffers from cysts in his right eye.  
1933 Celebrates 70th birthday. A broken vessel in his right eye causes almost total blindness.  
1934 Presents his portrait of Strindberg to the National Museum in Stockholm. Munch on his 75th birthday
1940-1 Germany invades Norway. Munch refuses contact with the Nazis.
1944 Shortly after his 80th birthday, on January 23, Edvard Munch dies peacefully at home in Ekely. Bequeaths 1,000 paintings, 15,400 prints, 4,500 drawings and watercolors, and 6 sculptures to the city of Oslo.
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